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Poster Presenter Guidelines

  • Virtual SON 2020 Posters Overview

    Poster presentations at Virtual SON 2020 Online will consist of two parts:

    • Poster presentations: a collection of poster PDFs and audio or video files hosted at Figshare for attendees to “visit” starting on December 14th
    • Poster Q&As: live poster Q&A sessions the week of December 14th for attendees to meet virtually with presenters and ask questions or give feedback
  • Posters will be presented in separate Poster Sessions grouped by topic.  The groupings are intended to provide each poster presenter the potential for a more focused audience. 

    Presenters will receive three opportunities. Each poster presenter will be able to:

      • provide a one-page Poster PDF that can be published as supplemental material to the abstract and two-page summary.
      • submit a two-minute recorded presentation. (Optional)
      • participate live in Q&A during the poster session. (Optional)

    • Poster Presentations

    1. To present a poster at Virtual SON 2020, presenters must upload a PDF of their poster to the Virtual SON 2020 Figshare collection. They may also upload an optional audio/video walkthrough of their poster presentation (no longer than 10 minutes), which will act as a guided presentation for attendees to view or listen to while viewing the poster. Poster materials will be linked from the abstract entry in the Meeting Program Wild Apricot Site and Mobile App and also browsable through the Virtual SON 2020 Figshare collection.
    2. Due to the nature of a virtual meeting, the handling of poster materials at Virtual SON 2020 Online is necessarily different than an in-person meeting. To ensure ownership of posters remains with the authors, we have partnered with the data repository Figshare to host poster materials. This means that all poster materials will be posted publicly.
    3. Remember that posters are typically works in progress. We expect poster attendees to treat virtual posters exactly as they would in-person posters and not to cite them without permission of the presenter.
    4. That said, it is important for presenters to understand that items uploaded to Figshare are, per Figshare’s own scope, public, citable, shareable, licensed to the presenter, and available online for a minimum of 10 years. This may change the information you choose to include in your poster.

    Poster materials will go live ahead of the start of the meeting on December 14th thru December 18th. Poster upload will proceed from December 1-14 at  https://figshare.com/


    Each poster will be given a number and allotted a space 3′ high x 3′ wide (or 91 cm x 91 cm) (Portrait). The spaces will be numbered ahead of time so that you will know where to place your poster. Pushpins will be provided for mounting the poster.

    Indicate the title, and name(s) of author(s) at the top of your poster so that it may be identified easily; the lettering for this heading should be at least 1″ (30.5 cm or 72 points) high.

    As a general guideline, text and illustrations should be comfortably read from a distance of 3 to 4 feet (or 1 m), so make them large enough to be seen clearly.  Charts, drawings, photographs and illustrations might well be similar to those used in making slides and more heavily drawn.  Simple use of color can effectively add emphasis.  Your poster should be printed on lightweight materials that could be supported by pushpins.  Hand-lettered material is generally unsuitable for professional and effective poster presentation.  Typed material should use the largest font possible, but at least 30 points in size.  Illustrated materials should be kept simple.  It also might be useful to have small copies of the poster for handouts.

       FAQ: Poster Q&A Sessions

    • To provide attendees the opportunity to ask questions about posters, we will be hosting live poster Q&A sessions during the Virtual SON 2020 Online, from Dec 14-18.
    • Poster Q&A Sessions are optional for presenters.
    • Poster presenters will be organized into groups of 4-6 based on topics and keywords. Each group will be available via a Zoom meeting for a 30-minute live Q&A session. Each presenter will introduce themselves and their poster topic and then take questions.
    • To make the best use of the allotted time, attendees are strongly encouraged to view posters they’re interested in during the week of Virtual SON 2020 Online and come to poster Q&A sessions ready to ask any questions and discuss the materials. There will not be time for each presenter to walk through their entire poster.

    More information on timing of sessions, presentation structure, and technical requirements for participation will be available soon.

    Poster Previews

    Posters originally assigned Poster Preview talks during the in-person meeting will not be presented during the related live oral presentation session. Instead these posters will be highlighted at the end of the appropriate session, on the website, and in the program planner/meeting app. Poster Preview presenters are invited to upload a 2-minute video or audio preview of their poster in addition to the longer poster presentation.

    What dimensions should my poster be? Do you have any guidelines for presenting a virtual poster? 

    Although any dimensions can be used, remember that attendees will be viewing posters on their computer screens. We recommend that posters be readable without zoom when displayed at full-screen width.

    We recommend arranging information blocks like

            1 > 2 > 3
            4 > 5 > 6
            7 > 8 > 9

    instead of the print poster tradition of

           1 4 7
           2 5 8
           3 6 9.

    To get an idea of what posters will look like at Figshare, you can view this poster collection.

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