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2023-2024 SON Committee Mandates and Rosters

Biological Control of Nematodes: The biological control committee evaluates current knowledge on biological control of plant-parasitic nematodes in part to identify important areas of biological control that require research and to stimulate interest among nematologists and other scientists in biological control. (Chair serves for one year. Members serve for three years.)

Chair Ambria Small (26)

Vice Chairs –  Elisabeth (Ellie) Darling (26), Amanda Howland (26)

Members T. Rodrigues (26), F. Kora (26), R. Sikora (26), K. Medina (26), J. Kud (26), V. Casey (26), D.W. Lee (26), L. Parrado (26), M. Quintanilla (26), C. Schloemer (26), L. Forsberg (26), C. Wram (26), R. Rocha (26), S. Wells (26).

EB Liaison – J. Bond

Ecology: The ecology committee serves as a communication link with soil nematode ecologists, develops a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas and techniques, and encourages professional excellence of scientists studying nematode fauna. (Three year term)

ChairRoshan Paudel (25)

Vice Chair – Haddish Melekeberhan (26)

Members - K-H. Wang (25), H. Bui (25), L. Braley (25), K. Mosdossy (25), L. Wong (25), H. Ferris (honorary, 25), B. Adams (25), P. McQueen (25), D. Haarith (25), P. Waisen (25), YiChien Lee (26), M. Pitiki (26), R. Dhakal (26), S. Marahatta (26), A. Smychkovich (26), A. Hodson (26), S. Mondal (26), J. Kotcon (26).

EB Liaison – W. Rutter

Education: The education committee seeks to attract outstanding students to the profession of nematology, enhance teaching programs in nematology, and provides leadership in the education of the public regarding the significance of nematology. (Three year term)

ChairPeter DiGennaro (25)

Vice Chair vacant

Members    B. Sipes (25), B. Adams (25), T. Powers (25), J. Eisenback (25), S. Aryal (25), E. Bernard (25), N. Schroeder (25), M. Kantor (26), G. Bird (26), A. Dyer (26), D. Vidal (26), M. Perales (26), K. Kwon (26), M. John (26), M. Medina (26), M. Lewandowski (26), J. LaMondia (26), K. Hughes (26) and M. Jacob Salu (26).

EB Liaison – W. Rutter

Entomophilic Nematology: The entomophilic nematology committee stimulates interest among all nematologists including SON members in the beneficial uses of entomophilic nematodes and strengthens ties between SON and related societies interested in entomophilic nematodes. (Three year term)

ChairAnil Baniya (25)

Vice Chair – Homan Regmi (26)

Members – E. Lewis (25), I. Hiltpold (25), C. Oliveira-Hofman (25), M. Esterlin (26), A. Dritsoulas (26), P. Achi (26).

EB Liaison – J. Jensen

Extension: The extension committee fosters and encourages sound educational programs in extension nematology, develops a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas and techniques including professional excellence of extension nematologists, and assists the SON in the determination of crop losses due to nematodes. (Three year term)

ChairTristan Watson  (25)

Vice Chair – Horacio Lopez-Nicora (25)

Members – A. Hajihassani (25), Z. Grabau (23), T. Faske (25), A. Ploeg (25), J. Desaeger (25), D. Vidal (25), O. Becker (25), L. Rocha (25), C. De Oliveira (25), B. Crow (25), M. Batista da Silva (26)

EB Liaison – W. Rutter

Finance Advisory: The Finance Advisory Committee will function in the development of Annual Budgets to be considered by the Executive Board. They will also discuss all financial aspects dealing with investments, assets, and expenditures of the Society in order to insure financial stability. The Finance Advisory Committee consists of the Treasurer as Chair, immediate past Treasurer, current : Editor-in-Chief, JON, and two past Presidents. Each member is appointed for three years. The past Presidents will be selected on the second and third year after the Treasurer has been elected. These members are recommended by the President and approved by the Executive Board.

ChairAdler Dillman (25)

Members – N. Schroeder (25), R. Sommer (25), J. Beacham (25), K. Lawrence (25), S. Stetina (25), A. Skantar (25)

Graduate Student Committee: To determine the matters pertinent to graduate students in relation to Society activities including the Annual Meeting.

ChairLauren Braley (25)

Vice Chair – E. Consoli (26)

MembersC. Schloemer (25), D. Gitonga (24), S. Budhathoki (24), L. Wong (25), N. Silvester (25), M. Pitiki (25), A. Tucker (25), R. Paudel (25)D. Kihoro Sirengo (25),  A. Palmisano (25), M. Usman (26)

EB Liaison – W. Rutter

Honors and Awards: The Honors and awards committee determines the criteria by which nominees for awards will be judged; solicits nominations for the awards; and, determines the procedure for recognition of the awardees. (Two year term).

Immediate Past Chair – Shaun Berry

ChairNathan Schroeder (24)

Vice Chair EB Wlezien (25)

Members –  Ole Becker (24), Zane Grabau (24), Danny Humphreys-Pereira (24), Churamani Khanal (24)Scott Moore (24), Amanda Howland (25), Dorota Porazinska (25), Paulo Vieira (25), Catie Wram (25), Guiping Yan (25).

EB Liaison – Jason Bond

Industry: The industry committee attracts and encourages the integration of industry personnel into the membership and functions of the Society of Nematologists, stimulates interest in and provides recognition for outstanding research in economic nematology, and obtains financial and other support from industry for the Society of Nematologists. (Three year term).

Chair Alfonso Cabrera (25)

Vice Chair – Clemen De Oliveira (26)

Members – A. Agi (26), R. Baidoo (26), J. Jensen (26), D. Dyer (26), A. Shirley (26), S. Tewari (26), K. Medina (26), S. Moore (25), M. Gu (26), J. Temple (24), A. Elling (24), S. Berry (24). A. Whalen (24), J. Daum (24), M. McCarville (24), G. Galle (24), C. Steger (24), S. Qui (26), B. Dickenson (26), T. Thoden (24), EB Wlezien (26), P. Navia (26), A. Blotsky (26), J. Baxter (26)

EB Liaison – J. Jensen

Long-Range Planning: The long range planning committee studies issues affecting the Society in the long term and to periodically make recommendations to the Executive Board regarding professional interests of SON members, scientific standards of SON, general training of nematologists, communication within the science of nematology and between other nematology and related sciences, and periodically review organization and management of SON.

ChairKathy Lawrence (24)

Members: A. Skantar (23), A. Elling (25), I. Zasada (26), K-H. Wang (27), T. Powers (fellow), C. Oliveira (26)

EB Liaison – J. Jensen

Meeting Site Selection: The meeting site selection committee accepts invitations for future sites for Annual Meetings of the SON, initiates invitations for sites for future Annual Meetings of the SON, and selects an appropriate site for holding the Annual Meeting of the SON. 

ChairJohan Desaeger (26) 

Members –  I. Zasada (24), K-H. Wang (25), J. Beacham (26)

Membership: The membership committee promotes the benefits of society membership and provides leadership in recruitment and retention activities. The committee updates the society’s display board and coordinates its transport for use at professional meetings. The committee also tracks membership trends. (Three year term)

Chair Philip Waisen (26)

Vice Chair  – B. Waldo (26)

Members – J. Beacham (26), E. Darling (26),  T. Forge (26), L. Schumacher (26), Chang (Diana) Liu (26), C. Wram (26)

EB Liaison – J. Bond

Plant Resistance to Nematodes:  To acquaint scientists with the current status of plant resistance to nematodes. (Three year term)

ChairWill Rutter (25)

Vice Chair – Asia Kud (25)

Members – P. Roberts (25), K. Kwon (25), R. Davis (25), B. Mimee (25), P. Digennaro (25), K. Hughes (25), G. Galle (25), C. Gleason (25), M. Batista da Silva (26), T. Hawk (26), A. Coomer (26), S. Bali (26), L. Docherty (26), I Chowdhury (26), C. Khanal (26), S. Siddique (26).

EB Liaison – J. Jensen

Regulatory: The regulatory nematology committee furthers the aims of regulatory nematology by: A) Creating an awareness of nematodes that are considered to be of regulatory significance or possible regulatory significance. B) Providing input relative to regulatory aspects of nematode biocontrol agents and genetically engineered organisms which may involve nematology. C) Promoting and focusing on the need for, and significance of, regulatory nematology and nematologists. D) Providing recommendations and interacting with other nematologists, scientists, governmental officials, and administrators on matters of regulatory concern when necessary. (Three year term)

ChairTristan Watson  (23)

Vice Chair  – Louise-Marie Dandurand (23)

Members –  J. Brito (23), A. Skantar (24), J. Stanley (24), T. Quintero (25), B. Mimee (25), J. Rezende (25), L. Whitby (25), S. Marahatta (26), E. Newman (26), Josiah Marquez (27)

EB Liaison – J. Jensen

Systematic Resources: The systematic resources committee fosters the development and advancement of nematode collections and services, nematode taxonomy, and international capabilities in biosystematic services and resources by highlighting existing regional and international biosystematic services and resources and by encouraging workers in nematology to make full use of existing systematic collections and services, and to contribute by various means, including deposition of type and voucher specimens on which published researches are based in recognized nematode collections. They also serve in an advisory capacity the Editorial Board of the JOURNAL OF NEMATOLOGY on policy and standards in format and content of taxonomic papers and participate in, and cooperate with, other systematic organizations, such as the Association of Systematic Collections, when necessary to achieve common goals and objectives. (Three year term)

Chair - Richard Baidoo (25)

Vice Chair –  Qing Yu (25)

Members – T. Powers (25), B. Adams (24), W. Ye (24), D. Kihoro Sirengo (26), J. Eisenback (26), L. Wong (26), L. Perepolkin (26), A. Skantar (26), Z. Handoo (26), A. Habteweld (26)

EB Liaison – J. Bond

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