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The Journal of Nematology 

The Journal of Nematology is the official technical and scientific communication publication of the Society of Nematologists since 1969. The Journal adheres to a strict peer-review policy. Journal of Nematology is abstracted in the major scientific reference/citation databases.

In recent years the Journal of Nematology has had the highest Impact Factor among nematology journals.

The Journal of Nematology is published by Sciendo.

Please see the JON website: https://sciendo.com/pl/journal/JOFNEM

Also at the Journal website is the Journal Overview, Editorial Board, Procedures for Submission, Style Guide, Abstracting and Indexing information and much more.

Back issues can be found at the old web site Journal Archives.


Ralf J. Sommer

Editor-in-Chief, JON (2022)

     Guidelines for Authors

      The Guidelines for Authors for the Journal of Nematology can be accessed here.

     Message from Past Editor in Chief that is still useful:

The Journal of Nematology now offers publication of Nematode Genome Announcements (NGA) and Nematode Transcriptome Announcements (NTA). These brief reports announce the sequencing and assembly of a nematode genome or transcriptome resource, along with basic technical information on DNA sequencing and bioinformatics methods used. This publishing initiative offers a new avenue to openly and concisely communicate the availability and relevance of genome and transcriptome sequence resources to the broader scientific community.

The following policy change applies to all future submissions to the Journal of Nematology:

New species descriptions must now include molecular data (DNA sequence comparisons). If you have questions about this policy, please contact me.

If you are interested in becoming a subject editor for the journal, please let me know.

Reminders of existing journal policy:

– Please make sure your experiments have been repeated in space and time in addition to containing experimental replicates.

– Where appropriate, statistical analysis must be employed to determine significance and described thoroughly.

– Consult the JON Style Guide for proper formatting, headings, naming conventions and abbreviations.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Andrea Skantar, Editor-in-Chief (2018)

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