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2021 Student Travel AwardS

Bayer Graduate Student Travel Awards
  • Bayer has provided the Society of Nematologists with funds to support 10 student travel awards of $500 each to students presenting papers (oral or poster presentations) during the Annual Meeting.

  •  Nathan A. Cobb Student Travel Awards

  •  The Nathan A. Cobb Foundation provides 2 graduate student travel awards of $700 each to attend the Society of Nematologists Annual Meeting:

    1. One award from the Entomophilic Nematology Fund for a student to present research in the disciplinary specialty of entomophilic/entomopathogenic nematology.
    2. One award from the Mai-Ferris-Bird Endowment for a student to present research on any aspect of plant-parasitic nematode biology, ecology, or management.

For more information about these endowments see https://nematologists.org/Cobb_Endowment.

Eligibility requirements for all Student Travel Awards:

    • Full time student status or completion of graduate degree requirements no more than 12 months before the meeting.
    • Submission of abstract to the SON Meeting.
    • Cover letter (no more than 1 page) describing your research and why you want to attend the SON meeting.
    • Submission of the completed application form, cover letter, and a copy of your abstract.
    • Membership in the Society of Nematologists (SON) is not required, and an award may be given to an individual more than once.


Students may apply for more than one travel award at a time.

The guidelines for abstracts are available on the Society of Nematologists meeting web site (http://www.nematologists.org/Abstract-Submission). Criteria for selection include quality of science (determined from the submitted abstract) and financial and/or scholarly need.


Submit cover letter and abstract as a single PDF document via the online application form below (applications are no longer being accepted).

 All submissions must be received by June 14, 2021


The Honors and Awards Committee have selected the following students as this year's Travel Grant winners:

Bayer Travel Grant Recipients:

Scott Anderson

Anil Baniya

Kheeman Kwon

Josiah Marquez

Shova Mishra

Roshan Paudel

Jacob Schurkman

Michelle Soule

Kate Turner
Elizabeth Wlezien

N.A. Cobb Foundation Travel Grant Recipients:

Bhat Chaitra,  Entomophilic nematology award

Jaeyeong Han,  Mai-Ferris-Bird Endowment


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