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Abstract Submission

**Deadline: June 30, 2021**

  • Abstracts received after the deadline will not be accepted.



    1. Abstracts must be received by the deadline via the SON website and not emailed. Abstracts after this date will not be accepted.
    2. Abstracts will be presented in a program booklet that will be distributed at the meeting. This version is unedited; therefore, you are requested to have your abstract reviewed by two colleagues before submission.
    3. Abstracts for oral and poster presentations will be published in the Journal of Nematology. This version is edited before it is accepted for publication. The abstract may be returned to the author for revision. There is a $50 abstract fee for each abstract to cover publication costs.
    4. If a paper or poster is not presented at the meeting the abstract will not be published.
    5. Time for oral presentations = 12 minutes, plus 3 minutes for discussion.
    6. An LCD projector will be available for oral presentations. A laptop and a LCD in a preview room will be available, and presenters should bring their talks prepared in Powerpoint or Powerpoint-compatible format. All talks need to be preloaded before the beginning of the session.


    1. The abstract must be submitted as a MS Word document and in 12-pt font (a Times font is preferred), single spaced and with left justified margins and right unjustified margins. PDF files will not be accepted. 
    3. Include the full name of the first author (last name, first name).
    4. Additional authors should be listed by initials followed by surname.
    5. All authors should be listed using bold print.
    6. List author addresses immediately after list of authors. Use superscript numbers to clarify authors and addresses.
    7. Start the abstract on the line following the line with the last author’s address.
    8. Indent the first line of the abstract 5 spaces.
    9. Scientific names should be italicized but omit taxonomic authorities and references.
    10. Abstracts are limited to 500 words including title authors and addresses.
    11. Abstracts must be uploaded as a MS Word document, PDF files are not acceptable.
    12. If you have any publication or formatting questions, please contact the JON Editor-in-Chief, do not submit the abstract by email, contact the Editor-in-Chief with questions only: Ralf J. Sommer, ralf.sommer@tuebingen.mpg.de
    • Sample Abstract to Use for Formatting and Style SON Abstract Template 2021


      1. Your abstract must be limited to 500 words.
      2. Abstracts must be received by the deadline via the SON website and not emailed.
      3. Abstracts for all SON oral and poster presentations must be submitted via the SON Website. The link for submitting your abstract will be emailed to you upon your completed registration.
      4. Registration will begin on March 1st, 2021.


      Each poster will be given a number and allotted a space 3′ high x 3′ wide (or 91 cm x 91 cm) (Portrait). The spaces will be numbered ahead of time so that you will know where to place your poster. Pushpins will be provided for mounting the poster.

      Indicate the title, and name(s) of author(s) at the top of your poster so that it may be identified easily; the lettering for this heading should be at least 1″ (30.5 cm or 72 points) high.

      As a general guideline, text and illustrations should be comfortably read from a distance of 3 to 4 feet (or 1 m), so make them large enough to be seen clearly. Charts, drawings, photographs and illustrations might well be similar to those used in making slides and more heavily drawn. Simple use of color can effectively add emphasis. Your poster should be printed on lightweight materials that could be supported by pushpins. Hand-lettered material is generally unsuitable for professional and effective poster presentation. Typed material should use the largest font possible, but at least 30 points in size. Illustrated materials should be kept simple. It also might be useful to have small copies of the poster for handouts.


    • When you submit your abstract for the 2021 Society of Nematologists Annual Meeting in Gulf Shores, you will have the opportunity to sign up for one of two student competitions (students may not enter both competitions) in the Category selections.
        • Traditional Oral Competition – $250 first place, $100 second place.
            • 12-minute presentation + 3 minutes for questions
        • Three Minute Thesis Competition – $250 first place, $100 second place.
            • 3-minute presentation + 1 minute for questions

       The Traditional Competition will be limited to 12 students. If more than 12 students sign up, the abstracts will be used to select the 12 students.

       The abstracts will be judged on quality of writing and science. Students who are not able to be in the Traditional Competition will be given a

       choice to present in the Three Minute Thesis Competition or in a regular session.

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